A First-Timer’s Guide to Booking a Charter Bus Rental

So, you’re considering renting a charter bus for an upcoming trip or event? Whether you’re organizing transportation for a wedding party, planning a field trip for students, or looking to shuttle employees between offices and hotels — kudos to you for taking on a travel coordinator’s role! Renting a charter bus may seem daunting at first, but don’t worry — we’re here to be your go-to guide from start to finish.

Partybuses.net is a leading national transportation booking company. We make the rental process easy by connecting you directly with an extensive network of local charter bus companies. Our team of experienced reservation specialists will take the time to understand your unique trip details in order to find the perfect bus at the best possible price. With just one call to 855-275-4888, we’ll have multiple charter bus options ready for you to choose from in a matter of minutes.

But before we dive into pricing and the easy booking process, let’s cover the basics. We’re here to be your friendly, knowledgeable voice walking you through every step of the rental process — complete with pro-tips, insider info, and answers to any questions that may arise along the way.

A First-Timer’s Guide to Booking a Charter Bus Rental

The Basics

For starters, you’ll need to be familiar with a few basic definitions to feel confident about your charter bus rental. When you work with Partybuses.net, you’ll receive 24/7 support from our reservation team who can explain any unfamiliar terminology. In the meantime, here’s a quick rundown of key charter bus terms to know:

Charter Bus: A charter bus is any full-sized bus that’s privately rented for the transportation of a pre-determined group. Basically, it’s like renting a big bus all to yourself! Charter buses are available in a range of makes/models and can accommodate anywhere from 40 to 56 passengers, depending on your needs.

Shuttle Bus: Shuttle buses refer to smaller buses like minibuses or mini-coaches that are typically rented to transport smaller groups of 18 to 35 passengers. These are perfect for groups too large for Uber/taxis but too small for a full charter bus.

Motorcoach: Motorcoaches are just a fancier, more technical way of saying “charter bus.” You may hear our reservation specialists use this term interchangeably.

Why rent a charter bus?

The first step to renting a bus is figuring out if it’s the right transportation solution for your event. Charter buses work great for all types of group travel, including:

The general rule of thumb is this – if you’re traveling with 15 or more people, a charter bus will probably serve your needs better than carpooling, flying, or taking public transit. Having your own private driver eliminates stress and keeps your group together the entire trip.

Which bus is right for my group?

Okay, so you’ve decided on renting a charter bus – now it’s time to choose which bus is best suited for your group. The primary factor that will determine your bus model is your total passenger count. Here’s a quick overview of what Partybuses.net has to offer:

Minibus (18-35 passengers)

  • Budget-friendly option for smaller groups
  • Easy to navigate narrow city streets
  • Limited luggage storage space
  • No onboard restroom

Full-size charter bus (50-56 passengers)

  • Most spacious and comfortable choice
  • Ample room for luggage, equipment, etc.
  • Onboard restroom included
  • Wider turns required in cities

Entertainer bus (12-20 passengers)

  • Designed for peak comfort and luxury
  • Top amenities like electrical outlets, WiFi, AV systems
  • Great for small corporate trips or VIP experiences

Unless you have a particularly large or small group, the full-size charter bus is usually the most convenient option for groups. With an onboard restroom and plenty of storage bays, it’s an amazing way to travel.

What will a charter bus rental cost?

Unfortunately, there’s no simple one-size-fits-all answer for charter bus prices. Rates are based on a variety of factors like your trip’s mileage, duration, timing, and the model of bus you need. As a general estimate from Partybuses.net, here’s what you can expect to pay on average:

  • Charter bus (56 passengers): $1,750 – $3,200+ per day
  • Minibus (18-35 passengers): $1,500 – $2,900 per day
  • Entertainer bus (12-20 passengers): $1,200 – $4,000+ per day

Shorter local trips are usually billed at an hourly rate between $150 – $350 per hour. Cross-country journeys or trips spanning multiple days will likely give you the best “per person” cost as daily rates become more affordable when split among your passenger count.

Need a more precise quote for your trip? The Partybuses.net team is available 24/7 at 855-275-4888 to provide a personalized rate based on your itinerary, travel dates, passenger count, and bus model needed.

How do I book a charter bus with Partybuses.net?

Now that you have an idea of pricing and bus models, it’s time to officially book your charter bus! Reserving is a simple process with Partybuses.net.

First, give our reservation specialists a call at 855-275-4888 with the following trip details:

  • Your departure and arrival cities
  • How many passengers you’ll have
  • The dates and times you need the bus
  • If you need any special amenity requests like WiFi or an ADA-accessible bus

From there, our team will be able to recommend the perfect bus model to accommodate your group. We’ll give you a free, no-obligation quote to review pricing. Once you approve the quote, you can reserve your bus online.

We generally recommend booking at least 2-3 weeks prior to your departure date to ensure availability. Large events like festivals or sporting tournaments may require even more advance notice to reserve your ideal bus and date.

Pro tips for charter bus rentals

Okay, you’ve got the basics covered – but there’s still plenty more to learn! Partybuses.net aims to make your charter bus trip seamless from start to finish. Here are some important details you’ll want to keep in mind.

Do charter bus rentals come with a driver?

One of the biggest advantages of renting a charter bus is that you don’t have to worry about navigating unfamiliar roads or dealing with the stress of driving a large vehicle. With Partybuses.net, your charter bus will come equipped with a driver to take you around.

How does parking a charter bus work?

One topic that seems to raise a lot of questions is parking and logistics for your rented bus. This is completely understandable given how large these vehicles are — you can’t exactly just pull into a standard parking garage with a full-size charter in tow.

The process of parking your charter bus will depend largely on where you’re going and what accommodation options are available at your destination(s). For example, many hotels offer oversized vehicle parking if you’re booking a multi-day stay and just need overnight accommodations for your bus. You may be able to coordinate parking arrangements with your hotel’s front desk or by working closely with our reservation specialists who have experience with different properties.

For daily parking, it varies based on local parking ordinances, approved parking facilities, and bus-friendly logistics in each city. We highly recommend communicating your full trip itinerary with one of our reservation specialists during the quoting process. That way, we can work with you to coordinate parking accommodations ahead of time and eliminate any potential day-of stressors regarding your charter bus.

Can I book an ADA-accessible charter bus?

Absolutely! Ensuring all guests have an equally comfortable and accessible experience is a top priority for the Partybus team. We’re proud to offer a wonderful selection of ADA-compliant charter buses that are designed to accommodate passengers with mobility disabilities or special accessibility needs.

If you or anyone in your travel group has specific accessibility needs, simply let us know during the booking process. Our team will be happy to reserve an appropriately-equipped ADA bus.

Whats the luggage space like on a charter bus vs a minibus?

Although minibuses are well-suited for small groups of 18-35 passengers, they often lack substantial storage space compared to full-sized charter buses. For any group requiring ample luggage storage, we’d likely recommend booking a full coach bus regardless. This will guarantee you have more than enough space in those large storage bays to accommodate everyone’s belongings, gear, and whatever else needs to be towed along for the ride.

Of course, this means you’ll have a larger-than-needed passenger cabin if you’re a medium sized group. But that simply translates into even more spacious interiors for your intimate group to spread out and relax! Enjoy that extra legroom and relish having your own private bus-for-hire all to yourselves.

Our reservation reps are masters at listening to all your travel needs and recommending the most suitable bus model to check every box — even when it comes to unique storage/space concerns. Don’t hesitate to share all the details about your trip so we can find that perfect fit for you and your luggage.

What does a charter bus look like?

On the outside, you’ll notice large, panoramic windows that offer stunning views of the passing scenery. Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by plush, reclining seats, ample legroom, and a spacious aisle that makes navigating the bus a breeze.

The standard models you’ll find in our network include late-model buses from top brands like Grech, Thomas, Van Hool, Freightliner, Blue Bird, Temsa, and more. Features like reclining seats, panoramic windows, ample legroom, and individual climate control are all commonplace across our charter bus fleet. And as we’ll discuss in a bit, you’ll also have the ability to add on different amenities like WiFi, power outlets, televisions, DVD players, hardwood floors, and whatever else your heart desires.

What amenities are included in a charter bus rental?

The standard charter bus from Partybuses.net comes well-equipped with plenty of amenities to ensure your passengers remain comfortable and entertained throughout the entire journey. Basic cabin features include:

  • Plush reclining seats with armrests and headrests
  • Climate-controlled air conditioning and heating
  • Overhead storage bins and luggage bays
  • Panoramic tinted windows
  • An onboard PA system
  • ADA-compliant accessibility options upon request

Need to take your rental up a notch? Upgraded amenities are available at an additional cost. These premium options can include additions like:

  • On-board WiFi and power outlets
  • DVD players with televisions
  • High-end sound systems
  • Leather seats and wood finishings
  • Extra spacious interiors with lounge areas

Our team will be happy to discuss all available upgrade options to tailor your charter bus experience based on your needs and budget.

Do charter buses have WiFi and outlets?

The short answer? Yes, and we highly recommend adding WiFi and power outlets to your charter bus rental!

While Partybuses.net’s standard buses do not automatically include WiFi or charging stations, these crucial amenities can be added on to truly upgrade your travel experience. Who wants to arrive at their destination with a drained phone battery?

By adding WiFi, you and your passengers can skip worrying about using up data watching movies, playing online games, or simply browsing social media. Streaming capabilities allow you to even host an on-the-road movie night if you bring a laptop or tablet!

With on-board power outlets, passengers can keep their devices charged throughout your journey. This is a must-have if you have kiddos planning to game or watch shows during the trip. It also lets the adults in your group remain productive if they need to handle work emails or calls along the way.

Stay charged up and connected from Point A to Point B by requesting WiFi and power outlet packages with your rental!

What are the restrooms like on a charter bus?

If you’ve chartered a full-size bus or entertainer coach, you’ll likely have access to an onboard restroom. While compact in size, these lavatories are designed with your comfort and privacy in mind for all those inevitable “sudden urges” on the road. Overall, the lavatory won’t be as spacious as your bathroom at home. But it absolutely beats begging your driver for an unplanned stop every time nature calls!

Book Your Charter Bus Easily!

We’ve covered all the necessary details to get you up to speed on renting a charter bus through Partybuses.net. From finding the right bus model for your group to understanding pricing, amenities, parking logistics, and more – you’re practically an expert already!

The final step is contacting our team to get your reservation process started. Our reservation specialists are available 24/7 at 855-275-4888 to answer any lingering questions and provide you with a free, personalized quote for your trip.