Our Favorite Books to Read on a Long Charter Bus Ride

Your next group trip is fast approaching and you’ve already booked your charter bus rental. Everything is falling into place, right? Well… almost. The drive to your destination may be long, and you aren’t sure how you are going to pass the time while on the road. We at Partybuses.net can’t recommend packing a good book enough. You can climb mountains, explore the ocean, or run through endless landscapes from the comfort of your reclining seat.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 books that are ideal for long-distance charter bus travel. Each book offers a unique perspective and literary style to help you pass the time on your charter bus (and believe us, this will be much better than sleeping on your bus!).

1. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Author: Elizabeth Gilbert

Publish Date: 2006

5-Word Book Summary: One woman’s journey to self-discovery.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s non-fiction memoir Eat, Pray, Love centers around her journey of self-discovery through international travel after she endures a terrible divorce. Feeling lost and suffocated by the negativity in her life, Gilbert books a year-long trip to Italy, India, and Indonesia. The book explores her experiences of culture, food, and spirituality.

Partybuses.net travel tip: Inspired to plan your own Eat, Pray, Love inspired trip? Consider booking a getaway to Fort Myers, Florida or Savannah, Georgia. These charming coastal cities are perfect for those looking for a little relaxation and to experience some of the beauty of the Southern coastline.

2. The Alchemist

Author: Paulo Coelho

Publish Date: 1988

5-Word Book Summary: Following your dreams to destiny.

In Paulo Coelho’s novel, The Alchemist, a shepherd boy from Andalusia named Santiago follows his heart as he travels across multiple countries in search of his destiny. Santiago’s journey begins in Spain but leads him all the way to Egypt in hopes of finding treasure buried near the Pyramids. Along the way, he learns about love, how to overcome his fear, and the true meaning of life.

The Alchemist is an inspiring read for anyone who has ever wanted to reach their dreams, but also a wonderful story for those seeking inspiration to travel beyond their comfort zone.

3. On The Road

Author: Jack Kerouac

Publish Date: 1957

5-Word Book Summary: A cross-country American road trip.

In 1940s America, a young man named Sal Paradise decides to leave his life behind in New York City to journey across the United States. Paradise first travels west to San Francisco, hoping to embrace new life experiences and find himself.

The majority of his journey is by hitchhiking, allowing him to meet a diverse range of people, make meaningful friendships, explore hidden gems of the country, and even attend unforgettable parties.

Throughout his time on the road, Paradise learns valuable lessons about life and love while also coming to terms with his own identity. This adventure-filled novel will surely inspire your next bus trip to explore a new corner of the U.S.

4. Life of Pi

Author: Yann Martel

Publish Date: 2001

5-Word Book Summary: Boy survives boat with tiger.

Life of Pi begins in Pondicherry, India, where a boy named Pi Patel and his family live and operate a zoo. When political strife forces the Patel family to leave India, they set out to relocate to Canada.

Their journey takes them across the ocean by ship. The ship, packed to the brim with zoo animals, hits a tragic turn when it sinks, leaving Pi as the only human survivor. Also aboard the ship’s lifeboat is a zebra, an orangutan, a hyena, and a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. As the days go by, all the animals but Richard Parker die. Pi and Richard Parker embark on a journey together aboard the lifeboat, where they must learn to survive for 227 days lost at sea.

If your group is planning a trip on a cruise this summer, you may find yourself reading Life of Pi on board your bus as your driver shuttles everyone to the ship. Or, if a cruise sounds a bit too intense, the adventures of Pi Patel will inspire you to explore the open sea from a cozy, plush seat.

5. Vagabonding

Author: Rolf Potts

Publish Date: 2002

5-Word Book Summary: A guide to long-term travel.

Are you looking for a travel guide for your next long-term vacation? Vagabonding may have the answers. Rolf Potts’ book explores the ups and downs, joys, and struggles of long-term nomadic travel. Potts spent nearly a decade traveling the world, and in this travel memoir, he shares his experiences and insightful advice for aspiring travelers.

The book covers topics like packing lightly, traveling cheaply, budgeting money efficiently, and making sacrifices for the sake of adventure. Potts’ detailed anecdotes and matter-of-fact tone will help you prepare to tackle your next vacation with a long itinerary.

6. Travels with Charley: In Search of America

Author: John Steinbeck

Publish Date: 1962

5-Word Book Summary: Man’s road trip with dog.

Is a road trip really complete without your furry friends by your side? In this road trip novel, John Steinbeck sets off across the United States with Charley, his wife’s standard poodle. Diagnosed with an illness and with limited time to live, Steinbeck ventures to visit his favorite places across the country and experience new locations before he dies. The story is fiction rather than autobiography, but Steinbeck still draws inspiration from his real life and travels.

Steinbeck and Charley embark on their all-American journey in “Rocinante”, their modified GMC truck. The two travel through cities, national parks, and every place in-between as they experience the beauty of the U.S. This touching story of friendship, travel, and self-discovery will make you want to hop in your charter bus rental and make a cross-country road trip with your best friend.

7. My Spiritual Journey

Author: The Dalai Lama

Publish Date: 2000

5-Word Book Summary: A spiritual guide to self-reflection.

In My Spiritual Journey, the 14th Dalai Lama recounts his life story and spiritual journey. The book not only details elements of Tibetan Buddhism and meditation, but also explores broader topics like finding peace and happiness, embracing compassion, and developing kindness.

If you’re a longtime follower of the Dalai Lama or are interested in learning more about his spiritual background, this book will be a great choice for a bus trip. Even if Buddhism isn’t necessarily your thing, the book explores universal ideas about how to live a better life through meditation and self-reflection.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, consider booking a trip to a yoga retreat with your group. Partybuses.net can shuttle you and your friends in a comfortable minibus or charter bus to the most relaxing destinations like the Esalen Institute in California.

8. Wild

Author: Cheryl Strayed

Publish Date: 2012

5-Word Book Summary: Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

Wild is a memoir from author Cheryl Strayed that depicts her 1,100-mile solo hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in the early 1990s. The story chronicles not only the struggles of hiking alone in an untamed landscape but also the difficulties of grief and self-discovery.

Strayed’s journey takes her through scenic California, Oregon, and Washington as she learns about the natural world and herself. If you’re an avid hiker or outdoor enthusiast, this memoir may be a great read for your next trip. If hiking hundreds of miles sounds a bit too intense, don’t fret! Your group can enjoy the beauty of nature in a more relaxing way. Partybuses.net can take you to parks and destinations with easy walking trails, whether it’s a local park or a multi-day trip to a national park.

9. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

Publish Date: 1954

5-Word Book Summary: A journey to destroy evil.

The Lord of the Rings series has become a cult classic, and reading the first book in the series, The Fellowship of the Ring, will keep you occupied on even the longest of road trips. J.R.R. Tolkien’s story follows a group of unlikely heroes, “The Fellowship”, as they journey to the treacherous land of Mordor to destroy “The One Ring”, an evil object created by the story’s antagonist, Sauron.

This high-fantasy novel features hobbits, elves, orcs, dwarfs, and more as the Fellowship faces danger, intrigue, and fantastical environments. Even if your bus trip isn’t quite as challenging, it’ll be a great way to pass the time and enjoy a thrilling read with a variety of characters and landscapes.

10. Into the Wild

Author: John Krakauer

Publish Date: 1996

5-Word Book Summary: Into the wilderness of Alaska.

Into the Wild is a nonfiction book about Christopher McCandless, a college graduate who donated his life savings, hitchhiked to Alaska, and lived in the wild for 113 days before dying from starvation. The story explores McCandless’ rejection of conventional society and the importance of finding oneself. Your bookworms may also be interested in the 2007 film Into the Wild directed by Sean Penn, starring Emile Hirsch.

While you’re riding to your destination, Into the Wild will surely get you thinking about the beauty of the natural world. The book may inspire you to visit Alaska to enjoy the wilderness, but Partybuses.net can take you to other outdoor destinations that are closer to home. From state parks with trails for hiking and biking to national parks with stunning views, we can help your group explore the outdoors in comfort and style.

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