The Ultimate Guide to Party Bus Rentals

Your next night out is just around the corner. How will you make sure your whole crew gets to the fun safe and sound? Some people might try to squeeze into rideshares or split up across multiple cars. But that’s a recipe for missing out on pre-party vibes, someone getting left behind, or having to worry about parking.

Forget the hassle! The best way to keep your group pumped and traveling together is with a party bus rental from It’s the ultimate upgrade for a night out, especially for hopping between hotspots in big cities like New Orleans or San Antonio.  Let’s break down why party buses are the best choice: party bus

What is a Party Bus?

A party bus is a large, luxurious vehicle that has been customized and designed specifically for recreational group transportation and entertainment. Unlike a traditional bus or coach, a party bus is exclusively rented out and cannot be “hailed” like a normal bus traveling a set route.

Party buses are essentially converted buses or motorcoaches that have been upgraded and customized for leisure purposes. Their interiors are designed to facilitate group celebrations, entertainment, and fun. Common upgrades and features include neon laser lights, dance floors, LED lights  bars, TVs, wrap-around seating, restrooms, and enhanced audio/visual systems.

One of the main appeals of a party bus rental is that it allows groups to safely visit multiple venues or destinations together in one vehicle. Passengers can responsibly enjoy themselves with adult beverages while onboard and between stops. Party buses provide a unique alternative to carpools, taxis, and traditional charter bus rentals for group transportation and special events!

Party Bus Features & Design

Party buses come in all different shapes and sizes depending on the base vehicle and the level of customization. However, you can expect to see a few common exterior features like:

  • Large tinted, panoramic windows
  • A single passenger entry door near the front
  • The company logo and/or graphics along the side and rear
  • A black, white, or colored exterior

Inside a party bus, the layout also varies. But most share some typical interior attributes:

  • Perimeter-style bench seating facing inward
  • Open floor down the center with a wood floor
  • Disco/laser lighting and neon accents
  • Leather, vinyl, or cloth upholstery
  • Bars, coolers, and drink rails
  • HD flat screen TVs and enhanced audio systems

Higher-end party bus interiors may even include features like gaming systems (Playstation, Xbox, etc.), and touch screen control panels. No two companies design their buses the same, so party buses come in many styles. Some popular builders include Tiffany Coach, Grech Motors, LGE Coachworks, Pinnacle Coaches, and LA Custom Coach.

Reasons to Rent a Party Bus

All sorts of people! Party buses provide a safe, convenient, and exciting transportation option for almost any group occasion or special event. Here are some examples of common party bus renters:

Party Bus Sizes & Capacities

Party bus capacities generally range from 10 seats on the very small end to 50+ seats on the larger end. Some of the most common party bus sizes include:

  • 10-15 passengers – Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter
  • 18-20 passengers – Ford E350, Chevrolet Express
  • 22-25 passengers – Ford E450
  • 26-35 passengers – Ford F550, Freightliner, International
  • 40-50 passengers – Motorcoach bus chassis

When determining what size party bus to rent, think about your expected group size and add a few extra seats for comfort.

Party Bus vs. Charter Bus Comparison

While party buses and charter buses are both chauffeured vehicles rented out by groups, there are some key differences that set them apart:

  • Purpose – Charter buses provide basic group transportation and are ideal for practical trips like airport transfers, business conventions, and school field trips. Party buses are designed specifically for celebration and entertainment.
  • Seating – Charter bus seats are forward facing, like an airplane. Party buses have perimeter seating, swivels, and other configurations conducive to mingling.
  • Amenities – Charter buses offer basics like AC, TVs, and restrooms on full-sized models. Party buses feature enhanced amenities for partying like bars, laser lights, and connectable sound systems.
  • Decor – Charter bus interiors are practical and comfortable but basic. Party buses have colorful, themed designs with lighting effects.

So in summary, if you just need group transportation, a standard charter bus rental is a great choice. But if you want to enhance any special occasion or trip, a party bus is the way to go!

Party Bus Amenities

Party bus amenities can vary quite a bit depending on the specific vehicle, rental company, and customization. Some features you may find include:

Party bus amenities can vary from company to company, but most include features like:

  • Sound Systems: High-end audio systems with satellite radio, AM/FM radio, CD players, Bluetooth connectivity, aux inputs, subwoofers, and surround sound.
  • Lighting Systems: From simple disco lights to elaborate laser light shows and fiber optics, lighting helps set the mood.
  • Televisions: Multiple HDTV monitors to watch sports, music videos, movies, or satellite programming.
  • Bars: Onboard bars with ice buckets, drink rails, glassware, and sometimes mini fridges or sinks for mixing cocktails.
  • Restrooms: Basic restrooms with a toilet and sink are included on some larger party buses.
  • Seating: Plush leather or vinyl bench seating, sometimes with tables in between.
  • Dance Floors: Open floor space between the seats offers room to groove and mingle.

When booking your party bus, discuss any specific amenities, options, or customizations you’d like with your rental agent to make sure your expectations are met. Be sure to inquire about anything that may be important to your group like WiFi, USB chargers, restrooms, and sound systems.

Do Party Buses Have WiFi and Phone Chargers?

Whether or not a party bus has WiFi and phone charging capabilities depends on the specific vehicle and company policies. Some newer party buses come equipped with WiFi and USB ports or standard outlets for keeping devices powered up. However, these amenities aren’t guaranteed unless requested ahead of time. If having constant connectivity is vital for your trip, be sure to inquire with the party bus company about availability and any possible additional costs for WiFi and chargers.

Can Passengers Bring Food and Drinks on a Party Bus?

Policies regarding outside food and beverages vary between party bus companies. Many do allow riders to BYOB (bring your own booze) on board. However, some companies prohibit any outside food or drinks being brought on board.

If permitted, it’s recommended to bring beverages in cans, plastic bottles or boxes rather than glass bottles which can shatter and create a mess. Finger foods and snacks that won’t easily spill or stain are also ideal. You may want to provide your own small cooler for storing refreshments.

Always clarify the outside food and drink policy when booking so there’s no confusion. And as a courtesy, any major spills or stains should be cleaned up and reported immediately to avoid extra cleaning fees.

Can Passengers Drink Alcohol on a Party Bus?

Yes! One of the biggest perks of booking a party bus is that adult passengers of legal drinking age can responsibly consume alcoholic beverages on board. Most party bus companies do allow alcohol consumption in moderation.

However, their specific policies can vary when it comes to the types of alcohol allowed and if beverages must be provided by the company or can be brought on board independently. Some companies require riders to pay an added deposit in case any damage or extensive clean up is required after drinking occurs.

When booking your rental, be sure to clearly communicate your plans for alcohol consumption so you understand their policies. As long as drinking is handled safely, party buses offer a convenient way to sip while being transported from one destination to the next.

Do Party Buses Have Storage Space?

Party buses generally don’t have extensive luggage room since they’re designed for shorter excursions and not overnight trips. However, some storage space for personal items usually is available.

Larger party buses built on motorcoach chassis may have undercarriage baggage compartments similar to a charter bus. Others have small luggage areas in the rear. On Mercedes Sprinter-style buses, you may have access to the vehicle’s trunk.

Overhead storage racks above the seating may also be available on select vehicles. Space is limited, so we recommend avoiding oversized luggage and bulky bags if possible. Let your party bus company know ahead of time if you will have large items like sports/camera gear or coolers so they can ensure adequate cargo room is available.

Do Party Buses Have Restrooms?

Some do, some don’t! Whether or not a party bus has a restroom on board depends on its size and floor plan. Party buses built on full-size motorcoach chassis usually will often have a small onboard restroom, typically located close to the driver’s seat.

However, smaller party buses built on van or shuttle bus bodies often don’t have restrooms included. Space is very limited inside party bus restrooms, similar to airplane lavatories. You’ll typically find:

  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Mirror
  • Waste bin
  • Paper towels or air dryer
  • Soap dispenser

When to Book a Party Bus

To ensure party bus availability for your ideal date and time, we recommend booking as far in advance as possible. For weekends and peak seasons like proms, homecomings, and holidays, reserve your rental at least 6-12 months out when you can. Last-minute bookings 1-2 months out may still be possible, but availability rapidly shrinks for specialty vehicles.

Book early for the best selection of party buses and times. Last-minute rentals can still be arranged but may incur an additional fee and have less ideal options. Reach out to at 833-458-7001 for help booking your ideal party bus in advance!

How Much Does a Party Bus Rental Cost?

It depends! Since so many variables impact cost, the best way to receive an accurate quote tailored to your specific event is to call 855-275-4888 or request a free custom quote online.

Our transportation experts will gather key details about your trip and provide a detailed breakdown of expected costs. We’ll outline any fees for mileage, fuel surcharges, service, tax, tips, etc. so there are no surprises. You’ll get a complete price breakdown for your rental.

How Much Do You Tip a Party Bus Driver?

Tipping your party bus driver is not required but always appreciated as a token of gratitude for providing excellent service. A customary tip amount is around 15-20% of your total rental price.

Some companies will include tipping guidelines on your final invoice. If not, tipping in cash at the end of your trip is customary.

How Do I Rent a Party Bus?

Booking a party bus rental with is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1) Browse our massive selection of party buses online or call 855-275-4888 to get expert help selecting the perfect vehicle for your group’s occasion and transportation needs.

Step 2) Provide key trip details like date/time, group size, pickup & dropoff points, and any special requests. Then receive a detailed custom quote outlining expected costs for your rental.

Step 3) Secure your party bus once you approve your quote terms.

Step 4) Relax until your rental date!

Step 5) Meet your party bus on the big day and let the fun begin!

Whether you’re planning a wild bachelorette bash or celebratory night on the town, has the perfect party bus solution! Contact us 24/7 to book your next unforgettable group transportation experience.