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Freeport, NY Party Bus Prices

Vehicle Passengers Pricing
Party Buses
Sprinter Party Bus 12 Passengers $100-200+/hr*
18 Passenger Party Bus 18 Passengers 4100-200+/hr*
Mini Bus Rental 20 Passengers $100-200+/hr*
22 Passenger Party Bus 22 Passengers $100-200+/hr*
25 Passenger Party Bus 25 Passengers $100-200+/hr*
Hummer Limousine 16 Passengers $90-200+/hr*
Lincoln Stretch Limo 12 Passengers $90-200+/hr*
Cadillac Escalade Limo 12 Passengers $90-200+/hr*
Chrysler 300 Limo 12 Passengers $90-200+/hr*
Generic Stretch Limo 12 Passengers $90-200+/hr*
Charter/Coach Buses
40 Passenger Coach Bus 40 Passengers $150-300+/hr*
45 Passenger Charter Bus 45 Passengers $160-300+/hr*
50 Passenger Coach Bus 50 Passengers $170-300+/hr*
55 Passenger Charter bus 55 Passengers $180-300+/hr*
60 Passenger Coach Bus 60 Passengers $200-350+/hr*
*Prices may vary on availability, location, and event type. Contact our reservation specialists for an accurate price quote

Things To Do in Freeport, NY

things to do Freeport, New York

There are many things to do in Freeport, New York. Traveling is a huge part of the culture and there is so much to see and explore. Whether you’re looking for nature hikes or exploring historic places, we have it all!

Freeport is a beautiful, vibrant and fun place to visit. There are many things to do in Freeport for people of all ages and interests- from the adventurous to those who want something more laid back. If you’re looking for some great ideas for your next family vacation, check out these five places that we think offer the best activities!

What are some fun things to do in Freeport, New York? Traveling is so much fun! There are many places you can go and see. It’s important to take a break from work now and then to have some time off. Traveling is one way of doing this. But what if there isn’t any place you want to travel too? No worries! Freeport, New York has plenty of things for people looking for something new or different that they can explore.

Freeport Historical Museum Freeport, New York

Address: 350 S Main St, Freeport, NY 11520, United States

Phone: +1 516-623-9632

The Freeport Historical Museum is a museum in Freeport, New York. The museum has been around since the early 1900s and opened its doors to the public in 1912. The museum includes artifacts that date back to 1803, making it one of the oldest museums on Long Island. If you are looking for something fun to do with your family this summer, consider visiting this historic landmark!

Freeport Historical Museum is a museum in Freeport, New York that has been open since 1926. It was founded by the Freeport Village Improvement Society and includes artifacts from the 19th century to present day. This blog post will tell you all about what they offer and how their exhibits are laid out!

The Freeport Historical Museum is located in the heart of Freeport, New York. The museum has been running since 1928 and over the years, it has grown to include many different collections including a library that houses over 10 thousand books. It also includes art exhibitions, lectures, workshops for children and adults on various subjects such as digital photography or sculpting with clay, genealogy research assistance and more!

Waterfront Park Freeport, New York

Address: 957 S Long Beach Ave, Freeport, NY 11520, United States

Phone: +1 516-377-2200

Waterfront Park Freeport is a beautiful park on the Long Island Sound. It’s right off of Route 25A, so it’s easy to find and visit. Freeport residents love to go there for picnics, barbecues, playing games with friends and family members. There are even some special events held at this popular Freeport landmark!

The Freeport waterfront park is a beautiful place to spend the day. The sunsets are magnificent, and there’s plenty of space for you and your family to enjoy yourselves. There are games that can be played, or you could just take a walk along the water’s edge. If you’re looking for something more active, then try renting one of their kayaks! Freeport is an excellent spot for fishing enthusiasts as well – it doesn’t matter if you’re new to the sport or have been at it for years! You’ll find many species of fish here in Freeport.

Waterfront Park Freeport, New York is a beautiful park located on the North Shore of Long Island. The park has an amusement area with children’s rides and other attractions for all ages. There are also restaurants, picnic tables, and various other amenities to make your day at Waterfront Park Freeport memorable!

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