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When it comes to renting a bus, you have options. You can choose from many popular charter bus brands. Each brand is known for quality, dependability and luxury. Here are just a few of those brands:

  • Motor Coach Industries (MCI)
  • Van Hool
  • Prevost

Let’s take a closer look at these bus brands. You’ll discover what makes each one unique. We’ll also compare specs between their different coach models— so you can decide which bus is right for you! Partybuses.net offers more than 5,000 buses across the entire USA!


55-passenger-charter-bus-rental.jpg (463×326)

Motor Coach Industries (MCI) is a multinational bus manufacturer that produces charter buses. The company has been in business for nearly 90 years. That makes them one of the largest and most-trusted bus providers in America. They sell more coaches than anyone else!

MCI has introduced many groundbreaking bus models. These buses are known for their quality, reliability, and comfort. They’ve earned a great deal of acclaim! In 2011, MCI public transportation coaches were reported to be 10 times more reliable than competitors!

About MCI

MCI’s story is inspirational! It’s a story of innovation and dedication to producing high-quality buses. The company also focuses on creating eco-friendly coaches that are built to last.

1933—Harry Zoltok owned a repair shop. He introduced a new 11-passenger vehicle design. This design was the beginning of MCI.

1937—The shop produced its first full line of coaches. These buses were built for Grey Goose Bus Lines (which later became a subsidiary of Greyhound Canada).

1939—Fort Garry released the Model 150. This transit bus was the first to use exterior stainless steel panels.

1941—Zoltok’s company officially became “Motor Coach Industries”. MCI started to make buses for the World War Instead of for itself.

1942—MCI designed and produced Canada’s first electric trolley bus. Sadly, it never went into regular production.

1945—MCI returned to manufacturing buses. Their first rear-engine coach, the Model 100, was produced.

1950s—Throughout the decade, MCI continued to innovate. They launched new models, including the “MC” series. The MC-1 was their first coach with a heating system!

1962—MCI began selling buses in the United States.

1958—The company produced the MC-6, which was the first 40-foot coach!

1978—The MC-9 Crusader II was produced. It soon became the best-selling model in North America.

1984—MCI became the first coach manufacturer to offer wheelchair lifts on its vehicles!

1990—The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed. MCI began producing a fully accessible coach with a wheelchair lift and an accessible restroom.

1994—MCI’s new MC-9 became the best-selling coach in North America.

1995—The MCI D-series was introduced. This coach could accommodate 55 passengers— thanks to its 45-foot length. It soon outsold the MC-9!

1997—MCI introduced the Renaissance model. This luxury coach had many high-end finishes, including a patented spiral entryway!

2000—New Jersey Transit paid $500 million for 1,400 of MCI’s commuter coaches. This was the largest coach transaction in history!

2001—The J4500 was introduced, which soon became a best-seller.

2002—MCI produced the first hybrid-electric commuter coach.

2007—MCI officially committed to producing “greener” transportation solutions. New models were released that produced smoke-free exhaust.

2010—MCI held the top 3 spots for the best-selling coach models.

2016—MCI was acquired by New Flyer. The company had a record-breaking production year, producing more than 3,500 units!

MCI Today

Today, MCI continues to innovate! They produce eco-friendly buses that are comfortable and reliable. MCI continues to build on their legacy of providing the best coaches in North America.

In 2018, MCI Executive VP Patrick Scully explained that charter buses must be affordable, sustainable, and scalable to meet the demands of customers. Luckily, MCI is achieving all three of those goals! They’re focusing on eco-friendliness, as well as luxurious interiors and dependability!

As of 2020, MCI has two new all-electric coaches in development. These coaches will have luxurious and reliable features. They’ll also boast fast-charging batteries and an impressive driving range!

MCI’S Available Buses

MCI manufactures 10 total coach models. Their coach models are in either the J-Series or the D-Series.

The J-Series has 45-foot and 35-foot coaches. The 45-foot coach can accommodate up to 60 passengers! It also has an expanded onboard restroom that you won’t find on other buses. The smaller 35-foot J3500 coach can accommodate up to 44 passengers.

The D-Series coaches are designed to be affordable without sacrificing performance or dependability.

MCI Bus Facts & Specs

Model Weight Height Width Length Seats Luggage Compartment Volume Fuel Tank Capacity
D45 CRT LE 54,000 lbs 138 in 102 in 45.58 ft 54 135 cu ft 183 gal
D4000 Commuter Coach 46,000 lbs 137 in 102 in 40.50 ft 49 N/A 164 gal
D4505 50,000 lbs 137 in 102 in 45.42 ft 55 517 cu ft 164 gal


happy-bus-passenger.jpg (900×601)

Van Hool is a family-owned business in Belgium. They produce a variety of vehicles, including charter buses and public transit buses. Their buses are known for high-quality finishing touches and comfortable interiors! They also have unique features, like extra-tall front windows to improve visibility.

In recent years, Van Hool has focused on reducing its environmental impact. They’ve introduced a line of electric buses for both public and private transportation.


Van Hool has a unique history. It began as a construction company!

1946—Bernard Van Hool needed a large vehicle to transport workers. He couldn’t find one, so he decided to build his own. He found an old bus and rebuilt it from scratch.

1948—Van Hool showcased their first line of vehicles!

1951—The company produced 10 buses for local Belgian transit.

1957—Van Hool signed an agreement with Fiat. This allowed them to incorporate Fiat engines and components into their coaches.

1965—Van Hool began producing industrial vehicles, including tankers and semi-trailers.

1966—The company began producing coaches for the United States.

1971—Van Hool established its first in-house welding school. This school still provides skilled labor training to Belgian workers today!

1979—Van Hool introduced the Acron. It became the company’s best-selling coach of all time!

1985—Van Hool began using computer-aided manufacturing to produce lighter, more efficient buses.

1987—The company signed an exclusive agreement with ABC Bus Companies to sell Van Hool coaches in the United States.

1995—Van Hool began experimenting with alternative fuels for its buses. They produced a hybrid midibus and a bi-mode trolley bus.

2005—Van Hool’s zero-emission, hydrogen-powered bus was incorporated into Dallas public transit.

2018—Construction began on a Van Hool factory in Tennessee. This factory will produce more tour buses for the North American market.


Today, Van Hool continues to innovate. They’re producing electric buses and developing new technologies to improve safety and comfort.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Van Hool launched a new safety campaign. This campaign provides Van Hool owners with easy-to-install safety features! These features include a plastic divider between the driver and passengers, dividers between rows of seats, optimized HVAC hardware, air purifiers, removable seat covers, and hand sanitizer dispensers.

VAN HOOL’S Available Buses

Van Hool offers 11 charter bus models. Their bus models vary based on the needs and regulations of each continent. For example, their European bus models include midibuses. Midibuses are smaller than full-size charter buses but larger than minibuses.

In the North American market, Van Hool supplies a variety of larger bus models. These buses can accommodate 48-56 passengers and have plenty of luggage space!

VAN HOOL Bus Facts & Specs

Model Weight Height Width Length Seats Luggage Compartment Volume Parcel Rack Volume
TX Acron 50,700-54,000 lbs 12 ft., 3 in. 8.4 ft. 40-45 ft. 48-56 384-440 cu. ft. 58-109 cu. ft
CX45E 50,700-54,000 lbs 12 ft., 3 in. 8.4 ft. 40-45 ft. 48-56 384-440 cu. ft. 58-109 cu. ft.


comfy-charter-bus-seat.jpg (900×600)

Prevost is a French-Canadian charter bus company. They’re owned by Volvo and have a reputation for building coaches that are comfortable and easy to drive. They have great handling, ergonomic driver cockpits and luxurious interiors! Their coaches also have high ceilings, comfortable seating, and isolation from sound and vibrations!

If you need more proof that Prevost makes quality buses— they built the frames for Ground Force One! Ground Force One is the fleet of motorcoaches that are used to transport the President of the United States!


Prevost began in 1924! Eugene Prevost was a cabinet-maker. He built a wooden coach body for an REO truck chassis. He did such a good job that he began manufacturing motorcoaches. Prevost was born!

1937-39—Prevost built its first bus manufacturing facility in Canada.

1951—Prevost manufactured 100 buses for the Canadian government.

1967—Prevost opened its first dealership in the United States.

1985—Prevost introduced its first H-series coach.

1995—Volvo and the Henlys Group bought Prevost.

1998—Prevost received an ISO 14001 certification for their environmentally-friendly practices.

2004—Volvo became the sole owner of Prevost.

2006—Prevost introduced the X3-45. This coach is more fuel-efficient and has more storage space than previous models.

2009—Prevost began selling Volvo 9700 coaches. They also updated their H-series bus with a new design and more storage space.


Prevost continues to improve its buses! They’ve also introduced new programs to make their buses safer.

In 2019, Prevost received a record-breaking contract from the New York City MTA. In 2020, they introduced new safety features for their buses, including eMirrors (electronic side mirrors) and the Driver Assist electronic system.

In 2020, Prevost created the Clean+Care program in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This program helps to make Prevost buses safer for passengers and drivers.

PREVOST’s Available Buses

Prevost offers three motorcoach models. They also sell Volvo 9700 coaches. All of Prevost’s coaches have state-of-the-art features! Drivers can control many features from the steering wheel, and the steering wheel is ergonomically angled! Prevost coaches also have spacious interiors, noise and vibration isolation, and plenty of storage space.

Prevost uses Volvo D13 engines in their coaches. These engines are known for being energy-efficient. Prevost is the first and only North American bus manufacturer to receive an ISO 14001 certification for their environmentally-friendly practices!


The H3-45 was Prevost’s first coach. It was first manufactured in 1985. The H3-45 is a luxury coach. It has comfortable seating, plenty of legroom, and panoramic windows. It also has the most storage space on the market!


Prevost designed the X3-45 to be fuel-efficient. It also has a lower height than the H-Series coaches. Recently, the X3-45 was redesigned to make it more fuel-efficient. It now has 8-10% greater fuel efficiency.


Prevost designed the X3-45 Commuter for short daily trips. It’s a great option for employee shuttles! This coach has a smooth, quiet ride, has been tested on busy roads, and is fuel-efficient!

VOLVO 9700

Prevost sells Volvo 9700 coaches! These coaches are known for being safe. They also come in diesel, electric, and hybrid varieties. Volvo 9700 coaches are customizable. They can be ordered with additional passenger amenities, such as onboard entertainment systems!


boarding-bus.jpg (900×601)

TEMSA is a Turkish bus manufacturer. Their factory in Adana produces coaches, midibuses, and light trucks. They’ve been in business for more than 50 years and have a reputation for building high-quality vehicles. TEMSA focuses on developing “smart” and eco-friendly transportation solutions.


TEMSA was founded in 1968. They didn’t begin as a bus manufacturer, though. They supplied steel for the construction industry.

1968—The Sabancı family founded TEMSA.

1984—TEMSA began manufacturing buses and light trucks.

1987—TEMSA’s first coach bus, the Maraton, was introduced.

2000—TEMSA began exporting its vehicles to countries outside of Turkey.

2001—TEMSA released the Safari, its first independently-designed coach bus.

2004—The company began producing smaller buses, including midibuses.

2008—TEMSA introduced the Avenue city bus to the European market. That same year, they made their debut in the United States by selling the TS 35 coach bus.

2012—TEMSA began selling the TS30 and TS45 exclusively in the United States.

2016—TEMSA announced plans to open a manufacturing facility in the United States.

2019—TEMSA exhibited its first two electric buses, the MD9 electriCITY and the Avenue Electron. This marked TEMSA as the first company to have two electric buses ready for production.

2020—Sabancı Holdings and Škoda Transportation agreed to jointly own TEMSA.


Today, TEMSA is focusing on expanding its business in North America. They’re also investing more time and energy into developing their electric buses. TEMSA has four electric buses that will go into production soon.

TEMSA’S Available Buses

TEMSA offers a variety of bus models. The company produces coaches, city buses, and intercity buses. Their bus models vary based on the regulations and consumer needs of each region.

TEMSA currently sells three coach bus models in North America.

  • TS 30 – a 30-foot model
  • TS 35 – a 35-foot model
  • TS 45 – a 45-foot model


The TS 45 is TEMSA’s most popular bus model in the United States. Many U.S. operators consider it to be a great value! It’s reliable, has a reasonable price point, and is affordable to operate!


The TS 45E is a fully electric version of the TS 45. Unfortunately, production was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

TEMSA Bus Facts & Specs

Model Weight Height Width Length Seats Luggage Compartment Volume Fuel Tank Capacity
TS 30 27,980 lbs 11 ft 7.9 ft 30 ft 34 190 ft³ 80 US gal
TS 35 37,448 lbs 11.5 ft 8.3 ft 35 ft 40 215 ft³ 154 US gal
Maraton 13 18,000 – 19,000 kg 3.9 m 2.5 m 13.08 m 57+1 14 m³ 583 L

Partybuses.net Can Help You Book a Charter Bus

Partybuses.net works with a network of thousands of bus providers across the United States. We can help you find a coach from any of the four brands above— MCI, Van Hool, Prevost, or TEMSA. Whether you need a charter bus or a minibus, we’re here to help. We’ll make the bus rental process as easy as possible! We’re available 24/7 to answer your questions and provide you with a free quote.

Your next group trip is fast approaching and you’ve already booked your charter bus rental. Everything is falling into place, right? Well… almost. The drive to your destination may be long, and you aren’t sure how you are going to pass the time while on the road. We at Partybuses.net can’t recommend packing a good book enough. You can climb mountains, explore the ocean, or run through endless landscapes from the comfort of your reclining seat.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 books that are ideal for long-distance charter bus travel. Each book offers a unique perspective and literary style to help you pass the time on your charter bus (and believe us, this will be much better than sleeping on your bus!).

1. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Author: Elizabeth Gilbert

Publish Date: 2006

5-Word Book Summary: One woman’s journey to self-discovery.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s non-fiction memoir Eat, Pray, Love centers around her journey of self-discovery through international travel after she endures a terrible divorce. Feeling lost and suffocated by the negativity in her life, Gilbert books a year-long trip to Italy, India, and Indonesia. The book explores her experiences of culture, food, and spirituality.

Partybuses.net travel tip: Inspired to plan your own Eat, Pray, Love inspired trip? Consider booking a getaway to Fort Myers, Florida or Savannah, Georgia. These charming coastal cities are perfect for those looking for a little relaxation and to experience some of the beauty of the Southern coastline.

2. The Alchemist

Author: Paulo Coelho

Publish Date: 1988

5-Word Book Summary: Following your dreams to destiny.

In Paulo Coelho’s novel, The Alchemist, a shepherd boy from Andalusia named Santiago follows his heart as he travels across multiple countries in search of his destiny. Santiago’s journey begins in Spain but leads him all the way to Egypt in hopes of finding treasure buried near the Pyramids. Along the way, he learns about love, how to overcome his fear, and the true meaning of life.

The Alchemist is an inspiring read for anyone who has ever wanted to reach their dreams, but also a wonderful story for those seeking inspiration to travel beyond their comfort zone.

3. On The Road

Author: Jack Kerouac

Publish Date: 1957

5-Word Book Summary: A cross-country American road trip.

In 1940s America, a young man named Sal Paradise decides to leave his life behind in New York City to journey across the United States. Paradise first travels west to San Francisco, hoping to embrace new life experiences and find himself.

The majority of his journey is by hitchhiking, allowing him to meet a diverse range of people, make meaningful friendships, explore hidden gems of the country, and even attend unforgettable parties.

Throughout his time on the road, Paradise learns valuable lessons about life and love while also coming to terms with his own identity. This adventure-filled novel will surely inspire your next bus trip to explore a new corner of the U.S.

4. Life of Pi

Author: Yann Martel

Publish Date: 2001

5-Word Book Summary: Boy survives boat with tiger.

Life of Pi begins in Pondicherry, India, where a boy named Pi Patel and his family live and operate a zoo. When political strife forces the Patel family to leave India, they set out to relocate to Canada.

Their journey takes them across the ocean by ship. The ship, packed to the brim with zoo animals, hits a tragic turn when it sinks, leaving Pi as the only human survivor. Also aboard the ship’s lifeboat is a zebra, an orangutan, a hyena, and a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. As the days go by, all the animals but Richard Parker die. Pi and Richard Parker embark on a journey together aboard the lifeboat, where they must learn to survive for 227 days lost at sea.

If your group is planning a trip on a cruise this summer, you may find yourself reading Life of Pi on board your bus as your driver shuttles everyone to the ship. Or, if a cruise sounds a bit too intense, the adventures of Pi Patel will inspire you to explore the open sea from a cozy, plush seat.

5. Vagabonding

Author: Rolf Potts

Publish Date: 2002

5-Word Book Summary: A guide to long-term travel.

Are you looking for a travel guide for your next long-term vacation? Vagabonding may have the answers. Rolf Potts’ book explores the ups and downs, joys, and struggles of long-term nomadic travel. Potts spent nearly a decade traveling the world, and in this travel memoir, he shares his experiences and insightful advice for aspiring travelers.

The book covers topics like packing lightly, traveling cheaply, budgeting money efficiently, and making sacrifices for the sake of adventure. Potts’ detailed anecdotes and matter-of-fact tone will help you prepare to tackle your next vacation with a long itinerary.

6. Travels with Charley: In Search of America

Author: John Steinbeck

Publish Date: 1962

5-Word Book Summary: Man’s road trip with dog.

Is a road trip really complete without your furry friends by your side? In this road trip novel, John Steinbeck sets off across the United States with Charley, his wife’s standard poodle. Diagnosed with an illness and with limited time to live, Steinbeck ventures to visit his favorite places across the country and experience new locations before he dies. The story is fiction rather than autobiography, but Steinbeck still draws inspiration from his real life and travels.

Steinbeck and Charley embark on their all-American journey in “Rocinante”, their modified GMC truck. The two travel through cities, national parks, and every place in-between as they experience the beauty of the U.S. This touching story of friendship, travel, and self-discovery will make you want to hop in your charter bus rental and make a cross-country road trip with your best friend.

7. My Spiritual Journey

Author: The Dalai Lama

Publish Date: 2000

5-Word Book Summary: A spiritual guide to self-reflection.

In My Spiritual Journey, the 14th Dalai Lama recounts his life story and spiritual journey. The book not only details elements of Tibetan Buddhism and meditation, but also explores broader topics like finding peace and happiness, embracing compassion, and developing kindness.

If you’re a longtime follower of the Dalai Lama or are interested in learning more about his spiritual background, this book will be a great choice for a bus trip. Even if Buddhism isn’t necessarily your thing, the book explores universal ideas about how to live a better life through meditation and self-reflection.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, consider booking a trip to a yoga retreat with your group. Partybuses.net can shuttle you and your friends in a comfortable minibus or charter bus to the most relaxing destinations like the Esalen Institute in California.

8. Wild

Author: Cheryl Strayed

Publish Date: 2012

5-Word Book Summary: Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

Wild is a memoir from author Cheryl Strayed that depicts her 1,100-mile solo hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in the early 1990s. The story chronicles not only the struggles of hiking alone in an untamed landscape but also the difficulties of grief and self-discovery.

Strayed’s journey takes her through scenic California, Oregon, and Washington as she learns about the natural world and herself. If you’re an avid hiker or outdoor enthusiast, this memoir may be a great read for your next trip. If hiking hundreds of miles sounds a bit too intense, don’t fret! Your group can enjoy the beauty of nature in a more relaxing way. Partybuses.net can take you to parks and destinations with easy walking trails, whether it’s a local park or a multi-day trip to a national park.

9. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

Publish Date: 1954

5-Word Book Summary: A journey to destroy evil.

The Lord of the Rings series has become a cult classic, and reading the first book in the series, The Fellowship of the Ring, will keep you occupied on even the longest of road trips. J.R.R. Tolkien’s story follows a group of unlikely heroes, “The Fellowship”, as they journey to the treacherous land of Mordor to destroy “The One Ring”, an evil object created by the story’s antagonist, Sauron.

This high-fantasy novel features hobbits, elves, orcs, dwarfs, and more as the Fellowship faces danger, intrigue, and fantastical environments. Even if your bus trip isn’t quite as challenging, it’ll be a great way to pass the time and enjoy a thrilling read with a variety of characters and landscapes.

10. Into the Wild

Author: John Krakauer

Publish Date: 1996

5-Word Book Summary: Into the wilderness of Alaska.

Into the Wild is a nonfiction book about Christopher McCandless, a college graduate who donated his life savings, hitchhiked to Alaska, and lived in the wild for 113 days before dying from starvation. The story explores McCandless’ rejection of conventional society and the importance of finding oneself. Your bookworms may also be interested in the 2007 film Into the Wild directed by Sean Penn, starring Emile Hirsch.

While you’re riding to your destination, Into the Wild will surely get you thinking about the beauty of the natural world. The book may inspire you to visit Alaska to enjoy the wilderness, but Partybuses.net can take you to other outdoor destinations that are closer to home. From state parks with trails for hiking and biking to national parks with stunning views, we can help your group explore the outdoors in comfort and style.

Reserve a Partybuses.net Charter Bus Rental

Partybuses.net’s charter bus rental services can get you and your group to any destination in the United States. Our reservation specialists are available 24 hours a day to help you find the perfect charter bus or minibus for your next group outing. Whether it’s for a wedding, a corporate event, a school field trip, a family vacation, or a day trip to one of these literary destinations, we’ve got you covered!

Get in touch today by calling 855-275-4888 to receive a free, no-obligation quote and make your trip a reality.

Everyone’s had that long road trip where counting sheep simply doesn’t cut it. You’re stuck on a bus for hours, maybe even overnight, and sleep just won’t come. Well, Partybuses.net has transported many passengers, and we’ve learned a thing or two about how to actually get some rest on a bus.

Let’s face it, getting comfortable in a charter bus seat isn’t like curling up in your own bed. But with a few tips and tricks, your next bus trip can actually become a relaxing experience.

Pack Your Sleepytime Essentials

You can’t always count on bus amenities to make your journey comfy. That’s why it’s always smart to pack a few essentials in your carry-on—especially if you have a long haul ahead.

First things first, bring a comfy travel pillow. If you’re the type of person who can only sleep on a rectangular pillow, try a compressible or inflatable version that can fit in your bag. If you’re a side sleeper, look for a U-shaped neck pillow for added support.

Speaking of added support, pack a small, soft blanket or a warm jacket as well. Bus cabins can easily get cold—even with the AC cranked up in the summertime—especially if you’re prone to getting chilly. Trust me, there’s nothing that will wake you up faster than freezing mid-snooze on a red-eye trip!

Find Your Happy Place on the Bus

Picking the right seat on a bus can be the deciding factor when it comes to getting some shut-eye. Opt for a window seat if you can—it will give you a bit of extra space to lean against and avoid awkward interactions with seatmates who need to get up.

Also, if you have the option, consider a seat in the middle of the bus. This will offer your sleepy self a smoother ride and less of a chance of feeling every bump in the road. Try to avoid the back of the bus, too. The rumble of the engine and the noise of passengers using the in-cabin restroom can be a rude awakening.

Block Out the World Around You

Once you have your sleep essentials and seat locked down, you’ll need a way to block out the sounds and sights that will keep you from falling asleep. Even if you’re on a private bus with people you know, the general hum of conversation and traffic can be more disruptive than you’d expect.

To truly shut everything out, bring a pair of earplugs to eliminate the sounds around you. If you prefer music or ambient sounds to help you fall asleep, noise-canceling headphones will be even better! You can even use them to listen to your favorite playlist of calming music, a relaxing ASMR video, or a soothing audiobook—whatever helps you drift off!

Dim the Lights

It’s important to remember that in a moving vehicle, the bright light from your phone or tablet will make it even harder to get to sleep. Consider downloading your audio entertainment or listening with physical media like a CD so your slumber won’t be interrupted by the glare from a device screen.

An eye mask is another travel essential to keep in your bag. Especially on an overnight trip, the beams from streetlights and headlights may wake you up as the bus is in motion. With a properly fitted eye mask, you’ll be able to block out any bright lights around you and keep yourself snoozing until you reach your destination.

Prep for Rest

Just like you might enjoy a mug of hot chamomile tea and a warm bath before bed, it can be helpful to get your mind ready for sleep a little before settling in on the bus. Read a physical copy of your favorite book or magazine, listen to a podcast episode, or meditate quietly for a few minutes—whatever helps you relax and wind down for a comfy trip.

Remember to choose wisely when it comes to snacking. Stay hydrated with plenty of water, but avoid caffeinated beverages that will have you more amped up than ready to snooze. Pack non-perishable snacks in your carry-on for your bus ride, such as crackers, trail mix, or granola bars. If you’re worried about making a mess on the bus, you can always stow these in your luggage bay and have a snack between stops.

Need Help With Group Transportation?

Are you planning a long-distance trip with your book club, youth group, wedding party, or team of athletes? Partybuses.net is here to make your group transportation needs as stress-free as possible. We only work with professional charter bus rental companies to ensure that your trip includes a comfortable bus rental with modern amenities, a professional driver, and custom pick-up and drop-off times that fit your itinerary.

Call our 24/7 team at 855-275-4888 for a free, no-obligation quote and see how we can help you organize your group transportation today! You can also learn more about renting a charter bus in our guide here.

When you’re hitting the road for a bus trip, the last thing you want is stiffness and soreness bringing down your fun. Whether you’re headed to a wedding or music festival, cramped muscles put a serious damper on the party. The solution? Stay loose with a few key stretches during stops and while sitting on the charter bus. Our team at Partybuses.net is ready to share our go-to moves to keep you feeling limber post your trip with us!

The Basics

Before we dive into the stretches, let’s cover the importance of staying mobile on bus trips. Sitting for long periods causes your muscles to tighten and stiffen. This restricted range of motion leads to discomfort, achiness, and even cramping. Ouch! Regular stretching combats this by increasing flexibility and blood flow. You’ll feel better and have more energy to last from departure to arrival. Now let’s get to the moves!

Stretches You Can Do in Your Seat

Upper Back Stretch

Hunching over tends to happen without you even realizing – and you might be doing this binging the latest shows on your phone or tablet! This stretch opens up those tight shoulders and neck muscles. Sit up straight, lift your left arm at a 90-degree angle, and use your right hand to gently pull your raised elbow across your body. Hold for 10 seconds, switch sides, and repeat as needed.

Seated Spinal Twist

After hours of sitting still, your back will thank you for this rejuvenating twist. Keep your shoulders squared and hips anchored as you gently rotate your upper body to the left. Use the back of the seat to deepen the stretch through your obliques. Hold for 5-10 seconds, slowly unwind, and repeat to the right.

Neck Rolls

Let your head slowly roll in a circle, first dropping your chin toward your chest and then continuing around. Go clockwise for 5 rotations, counter-clockwise for 5 more. This simple move increases mobility while relieving upper back and shoulder tension. Just go slowly and don’t roll too vigorously.

Ankle Circles

Start by lifting your right foot off the floor a few inches. Rotate your ankle in both directions, making as big a circle as you comfortably can. Repeat for 10 circles per foot. This improves ankle flexibility to avoid stiffness or cramping in your calves and feet.

Hip Stretch

Cross your right ankle over your left knee to create a 90-degree angle with your legs. Sitting upright, gently press your right knee away from you to feel a deep hip stretch. Hold for 20-30 seconds per side. This motion counters the hip tightness and misalignment caused by prolonged sitting.

Stretches To Do At Rest Stops

Standing Forward Bend

As you exit the bus, bend at the hips to touch your toes (or get as close as you can). Let your upper body hang while keeping a slight bend in the knees. Sway gently for 10-15 seconds to loosen up your entire back, from shoulders to hamstrings.

Walking Lunges

Take a giant step forward, lowering your body until both knees are bent at 90 degrees. Keep your torso upright as you engage your core. Walk a dozen lunges and then reverse directions to loosen your hip flexors and quads.

Calf Raises

Stand tall with both feet flat on the ground. Push up onto your toes, lifting your heels as high as possible. Hold for a second at the top before lowering back down with control. Do 15-20 reps to improve ankle flexibility and prevent calf tightness.

Hamstring Stretch

With feet shoulder-width apart, hinge at the hips to lower your torso toward the ground. Keep a flat back and engage your core as you slide your hands toward your toes. Hold the stretch for 20 seconds, breathing deeply.

Standing Backbend

Reverse that forward bend by arching your upper body backwards to feel a nice spinal stretch. Place your hands on your lower back for support if needed. Take a few deep breaths, hold for 10 seconds, and slowly roll back up to standing.

You’re Ready To Feel Great On Your Partybuses.net Charter Bus Rental!

Whether you’re gearing up for a few hours on the road or an overnight haul, those stretches should keep you feeling loose and refreshed. They’re also great to do when stopping for breaks or after reaching your final destination. Remember, a limber body is a happy body, making stretching an essential part of any bus trip.

Now that you know how to fend off stiffness, check out our other tips like the complete guide to booking a charter bus & our charter bus pricing guide to have the best trip possible. With a little planning and preparedness, you’ll have the vibes going strong from the time you board until arriving at the after-party!

If you have any questions, you can always call the Partybuses.net reservations team at 833-458-7001! We’re one of the nation’s best bus companies service over 1,000+ US cities including New Orleans, Newport News, San Antonio, and Columbia!

If you’re planning an event, outing, or trip that requires group transportation, renting a charter bus is one of the most convenient, reliable, and cost-effective options available. But with so many variables that can impact the final price, it’s not always easy to determine exactly how much your rental will cost. At Partybuses.net.net, we’ve helped groups across the country find the perfect charter bus rental for their unique needs and budgets. We’ve developed a deep understanding of the factors that go into charter bus pricing. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to accurately calculate your rental costs and ensure you get the best value for your money.

The Basics

The cost of a charter bus rental isn’t one-size-fits-all. A wide range of factors – from the size of your group and the distance you’ll be traveling to the time of year and your starting location – can all impact the final price you’ll pay.

Charter bus rental costs are influenced by a variety of factors, with the three main ones being:

1) How far your bus has to travel

2) How long you’ll need the bus for

3) The total number of passengers

As a general starting point, charter bus rates fall somewhere between $120 – $350 per hour or $1,100 – $3,700 per day for a full-sized bus. Minibuses for smaller groups of 18-25 people tend to be a bit cheaper, ranging from $155 – $325 per hour or $1,990 – $2,710 per day.

But that’s just an estimate! The actual quote you receive could be higher or lower depending on the specific details of your trip, which we’ll break down next.

How far you’re traveling

The most influential factor when it comes to charter bus pricing is the distance and duration of your trip. How far are you traveling and for how long? Trips that cover more miles or span multiple days will generally cost more than shorter, local trips.

For local trips that only last a few hours, you’ll typically be charged an hourly rate, with a minimum number of hours required (usually 4 or 5). Longer trips that span multiple days or cover a lot of ground will more likely be priced per day or per mile.

It’s a good idea to have a detailed itinerary mapped out before getting a quote, as even small changes to your trip can impact the final cost. Your charter bus company will need to know your exact pickup and drop-off locations, as well as any stops or detours in between. And keep in mind that if you need to deviate from the original route, you may incur additional charges for the extra mileage.

When you plan your trip

You know that whole “supply and demand” thing you learned in Econ 101? It definitely applies to charter bus pricing! Bus companies have a limited number of buses in their fleet, so rates get higher when demand peaks.

In most parts of the U.S., charter bus rentals are in highest demand from April through June. Why? Think of all the events that happen during these months – graduations, proms, weddings, end-of-year field trips, summer vacations…the list goes on. More people need charter buses, so prices rise accordingly.

On the flip side, some of the cheapest times to book are during the winter months of December through February when demand is lower. Early booking can help too – last-minute reservations during peak seasons are sure to cost more.

Pro Tip: If your travel dates are flexible, ask your rental company about price differences for different weeks. Tiny shifts can translate to major savings!

Your pick up and drop off cities

Where your charter bus rental will originate can definitely impact pricing. Regions with fewer bus companies and older cities with narrower, less bus-friendly streets (like San Francisco, New Orleans, and Boston!) tend to charge more due to limited supply.

For example, a charter bus company based in Dallas will likely offer lower rental rates for a trip starting in Dallas compared to a Waco bus company quoting for that same Dallas trip. Why? Because the Waco company would need to first transport the bus all the way to Dallas before even starting your rental period – a process known as “deadheading.” All those extra miles get passed along to you.

If supply is really limited in your departure city, you may also see rental companies tacking on premiums so they can recoup the costs of keeping their buses road-ready and their business operating. Not cool for consumers, but understandable from their perspective.

Pro Tip: No matter where you’re starting from, we can easily get you quote from multiple charter bus companies in the area.

Additional fees on the route

Highways, tunnels, bridges – they’ve all got tolls associated with them nowadays. And if your group travels over or through any of them, those pesky tolls could start adding up over the duration of your charter bus trip.

Unfortunately, most companies do not include travel tolls and fees in their initial pricing quotes. Be sure to check with about any fees associated with your route. They should be able to provide an estimate of these additional expenses upfront.

You can also reach out to the venues or hotels on your itinerary to inquire about parking arrangements and rates for oversized vehicles. Knowing these extra costs ahead of time will help you avoid any surprise charges and ensure you’re getting the full picture of what your charter bus rental will ultimately cost.

How many drivers you need

Let’s talk about an often overlooked expense: what you’ll need to cover for your professional driver(s). Factors like trip duration, hotel costs, and even gratuity can drive up your charter bus expenses if you’re not prepared.

Long-distance and multi-day trips require driver shift changes to comply with hour limits. After 10 hours of consecutive driving, your driver must take an 8-hour rest break. That often means having a second (or even third) driver split the work. More drivers = more labor costs passed on to you.

For trips spanning multiple days where overnight stops are necessary, you’ll be responsible for covering your driver’s hotel accommodations as well. Charter bus companies typically request you book a simple, national hotel chain – nothing fancy, just a clean, safe place for the driver to rest. But those costs can still add up over several nights.

Finally, don’t forget to budget for a driver gratuity! The industry standard for tipping is 10-20% of your total rental costs. A cash tip at the end of your trip is an appropriate way to thank your driver for their attentive service and safe driving.

Which bus you select

When requesting a charter bus quote, rental companies need two key bits of info from you: how many passengers you’ll have and what kind of amenities you want or need.

The passenger count determines the general bus type and size you’ll need – a full-sized charter bus that seats around 56 people, or a smaller shuttlecraft like a 25-passenger minibus. The more passengers, the bigger (and more expensive) the bus required.

But amenities factor into the pricing too. While basic buses with reclining seats, A/C, and an AM/FM radio come pretty standard, amenity upgrades like onboard restrooms, TVs with DVD players, Wifi, power outlets and the like will increase your overall rental costs.

Pro Tip: Only request (and pay for) the amenities you really need. Sure, Wifi and TVs are nice for keeping antsy kids entertained. But fully-grown adults may not need all the bells and whistles if it’s just a short bus trip.

How to get the best rates

We’ve covered what factors can make charter bus pricing go up – now let’s talk about how to make it go down! If you’re worried about costs, keep these budget-friendly tips in mind:

  1. Book as early as possible, especially for travel during peak seasons like spring and summer. Last-minute reservations always cost more.
  1. Aim for travel dates during the winter “low” season, when rental demand (and prices) is lower.
  1. For smaller groups, explore minibus pricing versus full coaches. Minibuses are usually cheaper.
  1. Only request the amenities your group will actually use – resist any excess upgrades you don’t need.
  2. Compare quotes from multiple reputable charter bus companies in your local area.

Examples of Charter Bus Quotes

Example 1

Let’s say a small Atlanta marketing firm needs to shuttle 20 employees to a conference in Orlando. Their travel dates are pretty flexible between April and June.

Recognizing those spring months fall in the rental industry’s busy season, the firm calls several weeks in advance to book an 18-passenger minibus for their mid-May trip dates.

The quote they receive is $1,875 for a minibus rental from Atlanta to Orlando and back, about a 7-8 hour trip each way plus some extra time at the venue. The firm decides this is reasonable for the value of keeping everyone together comfortably.

Example 2

A high school basketball team in Indianapolis needs to travel to a tournament in Cincinnati along with their coaches, equipment staff, and some family members – around 45 people total.

They want to arrange a full-sized 56-passenger charter bus for the weekend event, leaving Friday morning and returning Sunday evening.

The three day, two night rental ends up being quoted at $6,200 – very reasonable when split among 45 passengers.

Example 3

An elementary school in Philadelphia wants to take their entire 4th grade on a field trip to Washington, D.C. – around 125 students plus 25 teachers and chaperones.

Due to the large group size, the school needs to rent 3 full-sized charter buses for the day trip. The quote they receive breaks down as:

– 3 x 56-passenger charter buses for 8 hours each = $9,800

– Parking costs at the National Mall = $75 per bus, so $225 total

For a grand total of $10,225 to give 150 kids and chaperones a safe and comfortable travel experience to our nation’s capital and back.

Example 4

A church group in Austin has a retreat planned at a campsite near San Antonio – around 2 hours away. With 52 total members attending, they’ll need a 56-passenger charter bus for the larger group, quoted at $3,400 for a 1-day rental period.

Get a Quote easily!

Ready to start planning your charter bus rental? Head to Partybuses.net.net and use our online quote tool to get a personalized estimate in just a few clicks. Enter details like your group size, travel dates, and destination, and we’ll provide a no-obligation quote tailored to your needs. If you have any other questions about charter bus pricing or would like assistance booking your rental, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 855-275-4888

Our team of reservation specialists is available 24/7 to help you find the perfect bus and lock in the best possible rate. Let us handle the details so you can focus on making amazing memories with your group!

So, you’re considering renting a charter bus for an upcoming trip or event? Whether you’re organizing transportation for a wedding party, planning a field trip for students, or looking to shuttle employees between offices and hotels — kudos to you for taking on a travel coordinator’s role! Renting a charter bus may seem daunting at first, but don’t worry — we’re here to be your go-to guide from start to finish.

Partybuses.net is a leading national transportation booking company. We make the rental process easy by connecting you directly with an extensive network of local charter bus companies. Our team of experienced reservation specialists will take the time to understand your unique trip details in order to find the perfect bus at the best possible price. With just one call to 855-275-4888, we’ll have multiple charter bus options ready for you to choose from in a matter of minutes.

But before we dive into pricing and the easy booking process, let’s cover the basics. We’re here to be your friendly, knowledgeable voice walking you through every step of the rental process — complete with pro-tips, insider info, and answers to any questions that may arise along the way.

A First-Timer’s Guide to Booking a Charter Bus Rental

The Basics

For starters, you’ll need to be familiar with a few basic definitions to feel confident about your charter bus rental. When you work with Partybuses.net, you’ll receive 24/7 support from our reservation team who can explain any unfamiliar terminology. In the meantime, here’s a quick rundown of key charter bus terms to know:

Charter Bus: A charter bus is any full-sized bus that’s privately rented for the transportation of a pre-determined group. Basically, it’s like renting a big bus all to yourself! Charter buses are available in a range of makes/models and can accommodate anywhere from 40 to 56 passengers, depending on your needs.

Shuttle Bus: Shuttle buses refer to smaller buses like minibuses or mini-coaches that are typically rented to transport smaller groups of 18 to 35 passengers. These are perfect for groups too large for Uber/taxis but too small for a full charter bus.

Motorcoach: Motorcoaches are just a fancier, more technical way of saying “charter bus.” You may hear our reservation specialists use this term interchangeably.

Why rent a charter bus?

The first step to renting a bus is figuring out if it’s the right transportation solution for your event. Charter buses work great for all types of group travel, including:

The general rule of thumb is this – if you’re traveling with 15 or more people, a charter bus will probably serve your needs better than carpooling, flying, or taking public transit. Having your own private driver eliminates stress and keeps your group together the entire trip.

Which bus is right for my group?

Okay, so you’ve decided on renting a charter bus – now it’s time to choose which bus is best suited for your group. The primary factor that will determine your bus model is your total passenger count. Here’s a quick overview of what Partybuses.net has to offer:

Minibus (18-35 passengers)

  • Budget-friendly option for smaller groups
  • Easy to navigate narrow city streets
  • Limited luggage storage space
  • No onboard restroom

Full-size charter bus (50-56 passengers)

  • Most spacious and comfortable choice
  • Ample room for luggage, equipment, etc.
  • Onboard restroom included
  • Wider turns required in cities

Entertainer bus (12-20 passengers)

  • Designed for peak comfort and luxury
  • Top amenities like electrical outlets, WiFi, AV systems
  • Great for small corporate trips or VIP experiences

Unless you have a particularly large or small group, the full-size charter bus is usually the most convenient option for groups. With an onboard restroom and plenty of storage bays, it’s an amazing way to travel.

What will a charter bus rental cost?

Unfortunately, there’s no simple one-size-fits-all answer for charter bus prices. Rates are based on a variety of factors like your trip’s mileage, duration, timing, and the model of bus you need. As a general estimate from Partybuses.net, here’s what you can expect to pay on average:

  • Charter bus (56 passengers): $1,750 – $3,200+ per day
  • Minibus (18-35 passengers): $1,500 – $2,900 per day
  • Entertainer bus (12-20 passengers): $1,200 – $4,000+ per day

Shorter local trips are usually billed at an hourly rate between $150 – $350 per hour. Cross-country journeys or trips spanning multiple days will likely give you the best “per person” cost as daily rates become more affordable when split among your passenger count.

Need a more precise quote for your trip? The Partybuses.net team is available 24/7 at 855-275-4888 to provide a personalized rate based on your itinerary, travel dates, passenger count, and bus model needed.

How do I book a charter bus with Partybuses.net?

Now that you have an idea of pricing and bus models, it’s time to officially book your charter bus! Reserving is a simple process with Partybuses.net.

First, give our reservation specialists a call at 855-275-4888 with the following trip details:

  • Your departure and arrival cities
  • How many passengers you’ll have
  • The dates and times you need the bus
  • If you need any special amenity requests like WiFi or an ADA-accessible bus

From there, our team will be able to recommend the perfect bus model to accommodate your group. We’ll give you a free, no-obligation quote to review pricing. Once you approve the quote, you can reserve your bus online.

We generally recommend booking at least 2-3 weeks prior to your departure date to ensure availability. Large events like festivals or sporting tournaments may require even more advance notice to reserve your ideal bus and date.

Pro tips for charter bus rentals

Okay, you’ve got the basics covered – but there’s still plenty more to learn! Partybuses.net aims to make your charter bus trip seamless from start to finish. Here are some important details you’ll want to keep in mind.

Do charter bus rentals come with a driver?

One of the biggest advantages of renting a charter bus is that you don’t have to worry about navigating unfamiliar roads or dealing with the stress of driving a large vehicle. With Partybuses.net, your charter bus will come equipped with a driver to take you around.

How does parking a charter bus work?

One topic that seems to raise a lot of questions is parking and logistics for your rented bus. This is completely understandable given how large these vehicles are — you can’t exactly just pull into a standard parking garage with a full-size charter in tow.

The process of parking your charter bus will depend largely on where you’re going and what accommodation options are available at your destination(s). For example, many hotels offer oversized vehicle parking if you’re booking a multi-day stay and just need overnight accommodations for your bus. You may be able to coordinate parking arrangements with your hotel’s front desk or by working closely with our reservation specialists who have experience with different properties.

For daily parking, it varies based on local parking ordinances, approved parking facilities, and bus-friendly logistics in each city. We highly recommend communicating your full trip itinerary with one of our reservation specialists during the quoting process. That way, we can work with you to coordinate parking accommodations ahead of time and eliminate any potential day-of stressors regarding your charter bus.

Can I book an ADA-accessible charter bus?

Absolutely! Ensuring all guests have an equally comfortable and accessible experience is a top priority for the Partybus team. We’re proud to offer a wonderful selection of ADA-compliant charter buses that are designed to accommodate passengers with mobility disabilities or special accessibility needs.

If you or anyone in your travel group has specific accessibility needs, simply let us know during the booking process. Our team will be happy to reserve an appropriately-equipped ADA bus.

Whats the luggage space like on a charter bus vs a minibus?

Although minibuses are well-suited for small groups of 18-35 passengers, they often lack substantial storage space compared to full-sized charter buses. For any group requiring ample luggage storage, we’d likely recommend booking a full coach bus regardless. This will guarantee you have more than enough space in those large storage bays to accommodate everyone’s belongings, gear, and whatever else needs to be towed along for the ride.

Of course, this means you’ll have a larger-than-needed passenger cabin if you’re a medium sized group. But that simply translates into even more spacious interiors for your intimate group to spread out and relax! Enjoy that extra legroom and relish having your own private bus-for-hire all to yourselves.

Our reservation reps are masters at listening to all your travel needs and recommending the most suitable bus model to check every box — even when it comes to unique storage/space concerns. Don’t hesitate to share all the details about your trip so we can find that perfect fit for you and your luggage.

What does a charter bus look like?

On the outside, you’ll notice large, panoramic windows that offer stunning views of the passing scenery. Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by plush, reclining seats, ample legroom, and a spacious aisle that makes navigating the bus a breeze.

The standard models you’ll find in our network include late-model buses from top brands like Grech, Thomas, Van Hool, Freightliner, Blue Bird, Temsa, and more. Features like reclining seats, panoramic windows, ample legroom, and individual climate control are all commonplace across our charter bus fleet. And as we’ll discuss in a bit, you’ll also have the ability to add on different amenities like WiFi, power outlets, televisions, DVD players, hardwood floors, and whatever else your heart desires.

What amenities are included in a charter bus rental?

The standard charter bus from Partybuses.net comes well-equipped with plenty of amenities to ensure your passengers remain comfortable and entertained throughout the entire journey. Basic cabin features include:

  • Plush reclining seats with armrests and headrests
  • Climate-controlled air conditioning and heating
  • Overhead storage bins and luggage bays
  • Panoramic tinted windows
  • An onboard PA system
  • ADA-compliant accessibility options upon request

Need to take your rental up a notch? Upgraded amenities are available at an additional cost. These premium options can include additions like:

  • On-board WiFi and power outlets
  • DVD players with televisions
  • High-end sound systems
  • Leather seats and wood finishings
  • Extra spacious interiors with lounge areas

Our team will be happy to discuss all available upgrade options to tailor your charter bus experience based on your needs and budget.

Do charter buses have WiFi and outlets?

The short answer? Yes, and we highly recommend adding WiFi and power outlets to your charter bus rental!

While Partybuses.net’s standard buses do not automatically include WiFi or charging stations, these crucial amenities can be added on to truly upgrade your travel experience. Who wants to arrive at their destination with a drained phone battery?

By adding WiFi, you and your passengers can skip worrying about using up data watching movies, playing online games, or simply browsing social media. Streaming capabilities allow you to even host an on-the-road movie night if you bring a laptop or tablet!

With on-board power outlets, passengers can keep their devices charged throughout your journey. This is a must-have if you have kiddos planning to game or watch shows during the trip. It also lets the adults in your group remain productive if they need to handle work emails or calls along the way.

Stay charged up and connected from Point A to Point B by requesting WiFi and power outlet packages with your rental!

What are the restrooms like on a charter bus?

If you’ve chartered a full-size bus or entertainer coach, you’ll likely have access to an onboard restroom. While compact in size, these lavatories are designed with your comfort and privacy in mind for all those inevitable “sudden urges” on the road. Overall, the lavatory won’t be as spacious as your bathroom at home. But it absolutely beats begging your driver for an unplanned stop every time nature calls!

Book Your Charter Bus Easily!

We’ve covered all the necessary details to get you up to speed on renting a charter bus through Partybuses.net. From finding the right bus model for your group to understanding pricing, amenities, parking logistics, and more – you’re practically an expert already!

The final step is contacting our team to get your reservation process started. Our reservation specialists are available 24/7 at 855-275-4888 to answer any lingering questions and provide you with a free, personalized quote for your trip.

Your next night out is just around the corner. How will you make sure your whole crew gets to the fun safe and sound? Some people might try to squeeze into rideshares or split up across multiple cars. But that’s a recipe for missing out on pre-party vibes, someone getting left behind, or having to worry about parking.

Forget the hassle! The best way to keep your group pumped and traveling together is with a party bus rental from Partybuses.net. It’s the ultimate upgrade for a night out, especially for hopping between hotspots in big cities like New Orleans or San Antonio.  Let’s break down why party buses are the best choice:

Partybuses.net party bus

What is a Party Bus?

A party bus is a large, luxurious vehicle that has been customized and designed specifically for recreational group transportation and entertainment. Unlike a traditional bus or coach, a party bus is exclusively rented out and cannot be “hailed” like a normal bus traveling a set route.

Party buses are essentially converted buses or motorcoaches that have been upgraded and customized for leisure purposes. Their interiors are designed to facilitate group celebrations, entertainment, and fun. Common upgrades and features include neon laser lights, dance floors, LED lights  bars, TVs, wrap-around seating, restrooms, and enhanced audio/visual systems.

One of the main appeals of a party bus rental is that it allows groups to safely visit multiple venues or destinations together in one vehicle. Passengers can responsibly enjoy themselves with adult beverages while onboard and between stops. Party buses provide a unique alternative to carpools, taxis, and traditional charter bus rentals for group transportation and special events!

Party Bus Features & Design

Party buses come in all different shapes and sizes depending on the base vehicle and the level of customization. However, you can expect to see a few common exterior features like:

  • Large tinted, panoramic windows
  • A single passenger entry door near the front
  • The company logo and/or graphics along the side and rear
  • A black, white, or colored exterior

Inside a party bus, the layout also varies. But most share some typical interior attributes:

  • Perimeter-style bench seating facing inward
  • Open floor down the center with a wood floor
  • Disco/laser lighting and neon accents
  • Leather, vinyl, or cloth upholstery
  • Bars, coolers, and drink rails
  • HD flat screen TVs and enhanced audio systems

Higher-end party bus interiors may even include features like gaming systems (Playstation, Xbox, etc.), and touch screen control panels. No two companies design their buses the same, so party buses come in many styles. Some popular builders include Tiffany Coach, Grech Motors, LGE Coachworks, Pinnacle Coaches, and LA Custom Coach.

Reasons to Rent a Party Bus

All sorts of people! Party buses provide a safe, convenient, and exciting transportation option for almost any group occasion or special event. Here are some examples of common party bus renters:

Party Bus Sizes & Capacities

Party bus capacities generally range from 10 seats on the very small end to 50+ seats on the larger end. Some of the most common party bus sizes include:

  • 10-15 passengers – Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter
  • 18-20 passengers – Ford E350, Chevrolet Express
  • 22-25 passengers – Ford E450
  • 26-35 passengers – Ford F550, Freightliner, International
  • 40-50 passengers – Motorcoach bus chassis

When determining what size party bus to rent, think about your expected group size and add a few extra seats for comfort.

Party Bus vs. Charter Bus Comparison

While party buses and charter buses are both chauffeured vehicles rented out by groups, there are some key differences that set them apart:

  • Purpose – Charter buses provide basic group transportation and are ideal for practical trips like airport transfers, business conventions, and school field trips. Party buses are designed specifically for celebration and entertainment.
  • Seating – Charter bus seats are forward facing, like an airplane. Party buses have perimeter seating, swivels, and other configurations conducive to mingling.
  • Amenities – Charter buses offer basics like AC, TVs, and restrooms on full-sized models. Party buses feature enhanced amenities for partying like bars, laser lights, and connectable sound systems.
  • Decor – Charter bus interiors are practical and comfortable but basic. Party buses have colorful, themed designs with lighting effects.

So in summary, if you just need group transportation, a standard charter bus rental is a great choice. But if you want to enhance any special occasion or trip, a party bus is the way to go!

Party Bus Amenities

Party bus amenities can vary quite a bit depending on the specific vehicle, rental company, and customization. Some features you may find include:

Party bus amenities can vary from company to company, but most include features like:

  • Sound Systems: High-end audio systems with satellite radio, AM/FM radio, CD players, Bluetooth connectivity, aux inputs, subwoofers, and surround sound.
  • Lighting Systems: From simple disco lights to elaborate laser light shows and fiber optics, lighting helps set the mood.
  • Televisions: Multiple HDTV monitors to watch sports, music videos, movies, or satellite programming.
  • Bars: Onboard bars with ice buckets, drink rails, glassware, and sometimes mini fridges or sinks for mixing cocktails.
  • Restrooms: Basic restrooms with a toilet and sink are included on some larger party buses.
  • Seating: Plush leather or vinyl bench seating, sometimes with tables in between.
  • Dance Floors: Open floor space between the seats offers room to groove and mingle.

When booking your party bus, discuss any specific amenities, options, or customizations you’d like with your rental agent to make sure your expectations are met. Be sure to inquire about anything that may be important to your group like WiFi, USB chargers, restrooms, and sound systems.

Do Party Buses Have WiFi and Phone Chargers?

Whether or not a party bus has WiFi and phone charging capabilities depends on the specific vehicle and company policies. Some newer party buses come equipped with WiFi and USB ports or standard outlets for keeping devices powered up. However, these amenities aren’t guaranteed unless requested ahead of time. If having constant connectivity is vital for your trip, be sure to inquire with the party bus company about availability and any possible additional costs for WiFi and chargers.

Can Passengers Bring Food and Drinks on a Party Bus?

Policies regarding outside food and beverages vary between party bus companies. Many do allow riders to BYOB (bring your own booze) on board. However, some companies prohibit any outside food or drinks being brought on board.

If permitted, it’s recommended to bring beverages in cans, plastic bottles or boxes rather than glass bottles which can shatter and create a mess. Finger foods and snacks that won’t easily spill or stain are also ideal. You may want to provide your own small cooler for storing refreshments.

Always clarify the outside food and drink policy when booking so there’s no confusion. And as a courtesy, any major spills or stains should be cleaned up and reported immediately to avoid extra cleaning fees.

Can Passengers Drink Alcohol on a Party Bus?

Yes! One of the biggest perks of booking a party bus is that adult passengers of legal drinking age can responsibly consume alcoholic beverages on board. Most party bus companies do allow alcohol consumption in moderation.

However, their specific policies can vary when it comes to the types of alcohol allowed and if beverages must be provided by the company or can be brought on board independently. Some companies require riders to pay an added deposit in case any damage or extensive clean up is required after drinking occurs.

When booking your rental, be sure to clearly communicate your plans for alcohol consumption so you understand their policies. As long as drinking is handled safely, party buses offer a convenient way to sip while being transported from one destination to the next.

Do Party Buses Have Storage Space?

Party buses generally don’t have extensive luggage room since they’re designed for shorter excursions and not overnight trips. However, some storage space for personal items usually is available.

Larger party buses built on motorcoach chassis may have undercarriage baggage compartments similar to a charter bus. Others have small luggage areas in the rear. On Mercedes Sprinter-style buses, you may have access to the vehicle’s trunk.

Overhead storage racks above the seating may also be available on select vehicles. Space is limited, so we recommend avoiding oversized luggage and bulky bags if possible. Let your party bus company know ahead of time if you will have large items like sports/camera gear or coolers so they can ensure adequate cargo room is available.

Do Party Buses Have Restrooms?

Some do, some don’t! Whether or not a party bus has a restroom on board depends on its size and floor plan. Party buses built on full-size motorcoach chassis usually will often have a small onboard restroom, typically located close to the driver’s seat.

However, smaller party buses built on van or shuttle bus bodies often don’t have restrooms included. Space is very limited inside party bus restrooms, similar to airplane lavatories. You’ll typically find:

  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Mirror
  • Waste bin
  • Paper towels or air dryer
  • Soap dispenser

When to Book a Party Bus

To ensure party bus availability for your ideal date and time, we recommend booking as far in advance as possible. For weekends and peak seasons like proms, homecomings, and holidays, reserve your rental at least 6-12 months out when you can. Last-minute bookings 1-2 months out may still be possible, but availability rapidly shrinks for specialty vehicles.

Book early for the best selection of party buses and times. Last-minute rentals can still be arranged but may incur an additional fee and have less ideal options. Reach out to Partybuses.net at 833-458-7001 for help booking your ideal party bus in advance!

How Much Does a Party Bus Rental Cost?

It depends! Since so many variables impact cost, the best way to receive an accurate quote tailored to your specific event is to call 855-275-4888 or request a free custom quote online.

Our transportation experts will gather key details about your trip and provide a detailed breakdown of expected costs. We’ll outline any fees for mileage, fuel surcharges, service, tax, tips, etc. so there are no surprises. You’ll get a complete price breakdown for your rental.

How Much Do You Tip a Party Bus Driver?

Tipping your party bus driver is not required but always appreciated as a token of gratitude for providing excellent service. A customary tip amount is around 15-20% of your total rental price.

Some companies will include tipping guidelines on your final invoice. If not, tipping in cash at the end of your trip is customary.

How Do I Rent a Party Bus?

Booking a party bus rental with Partybuses.net is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1) Browse our massive selection of party buses online or call 855-275-4888 to get expert help selecting the perfect vehicle for your group’s occasion and transportation needs.

Step 2) Provide key trip details like date/time, group size, pickup & dropoff points, and any special requests. Then receive a detailed custom quote outlining expected costs for your rental.

Step 3) Secure your party bus once you approve your quote terms.

Step 4) Relax until your rental date!

Step 5) Meet your party bus on the big day and let the fun begin!

Whether you’re planning a wild bachelorette bash or celebratory night on the town, Partybuses.net has the perfect party bus solution! Contact us 24/7 to book your next unforgettable group transportation experience.

Cities We Service

We service all major cities in the USA. Planning a multi-city trip? Count on us in these select cities. From party bus rentals, to coach buses we have the perfect rental for groups of all sizes.

Limousine & Party Bus Pricing

Pricing chart
Vehicle Vehicle Rental Pricing
6 Passenger Limo $110-$145 hourly*
8 Passenger Limo $120-$155 hourly*
12 Passenger Limo $125-$165 hourly*
18 Passenger Minibus $140-$170 hourly*
20 Passenger Party Bus $150-$200 hourly*
25 Passenger Party Bus $160-$220 hourly*
30 Passenger Party Bus $180-$260 hourly*
30 Passenger School Bus $145-$240 hourly*
50 Passenger Coach Bus $150-$240 hourly*
56 Passenger Charter Bus $150-$260 hourly*

*Price vary greatly depending on the city and state of your service. Due to COVID-19, rental prices shown in past estimates may not reflect actual pricing which may be significantly higher depending on availability.

Frequently Asked Questions About Minibuses & Sprinter Van Rentals

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Frequently Asked Questions About Charter Bus Rentals

Frequently Asked Questions About Limos & Party Buses

Frequently Asked Questions About Accessibility

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