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Vehicle Passengers Pricing
Party Buses
Sprinter Party Bus 12 Passengers $100-200+/hr*
18 Passenger Party Bus 18 Passengers 4100-200+/hr*
Mini Bus Rental 20 Passengers $100-200+/hr*
22 Passenger Party Bus 22 Passengers $100-200+/hr*
25 Passenger Party Bus 25 Passengers $100-200+/hr*
Hummer Limousine 16 Passengers $90-200+/hr*
Lincoln Stretch Limo 12 Passengers $90-200+/hr*
Cadillac Escalade Limo 12 Passengers $90-200+/hr*
Chrysler 300 Limo 12 Passengers $90-200+/hr*
Generic Stretch Limo 12 Passengers $90-200+/hr*
Charter/Coach Buses
40 Passenger Coach Bus 40 Passengers $150-300+/hr*
45 Passenger Charter Bus 45 Passengers $160-300+/hr*
50 Passenger Coach Bus 50 Passengers $170-300+/hr*
55 Passenger Charter bus 55 Passengers $180-300+/hr*
60 Passenger Coach Bus 60 Passengers $200-350+/hr*
*Prices may vary on availability, location, and event type. Contact our reservation specialists for an accurate price quote

Things To Do in Malden, MA

Things to do in Malden, Massachusetts

Malden is a city in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. It was first settled by Puritans who traveled from England to establish a new colony that would be free of religious persecution. Today, Malden is a thriving community with many places for visitors to explore and enjoy! In this blog post we will share 10 things you should do when visiting Malden, Massachusetts!

Malden is a city in the Middlesex County of Massachusetts, and is approximately 12 miles from Boston. The city has a population of around 50,000 people. Malden was one of the first places to be industrialized in America, with textile manufacturing happening as early as 1813. There are many things to do in this area for someone looking to have an exciting time!

Malden is a town in Massachusetts, and while it may not be the most exciting place to visit, there are still fun things for people to do. Travelers who find themselves passing through Malden should take advantage of this opportunity by exploring all that it has to offer. This blog post will provide you with some suggestions on how you can make your time in Malden more enjoyable.

Bell Rock Cemetery Malden, Massachusetts

Address: Medford St, Malden, MA 02148

Phone: +1 781-397-7191

Bell Rock Cemetery is a small cemetery that is located in Malden, Massachusetts. Bell Rock Cemetery has many beautiful trees and bushes, as well as tall stone walls. Bell Rock was established in 1894. The Bell Rock Cemetery Association oversees the maintenance of Bell Rock so it looks its best at all times!

Bell Rock Cemetery in Malden, Massachusetts is a historic cemetery that dates back to the 18th century. The Bell family were instrumental in the early settlement of Malden and Bell Rock was created as an extension of their family burial ground. Bell Rock has served as a final resting place for many notable people including U.S. Congressman John W. Weeks, General Joseph Warren Revere, and baseball player George Wright III among others!

In Bell Rock Cemetery in Malden, Massachusetts you can find a plethora of headstones and monuments to explore. Some people were born as early as the 1700s, while others died much more recently. Bell Rock is one of the most beautiful cemeteries I have ever visited because it is so well maintained and peaceful. It is also home to many notable residents such as James Boulton Jr., who was an educator and philanthropist that helped establish Malden Public Library.

Pine Banks Park Malden, Massachusetts

Address: 1087 Main St, Malden, MA 02148, United States

Phone: +1 781-324-0822

Pine Banks Park Malden, Massachusetts is a wonderful place to spend time with your family. There are plenty of activities for you and your children to enjoy, including biking on the paved paths that wind through the park. The beautiful scenery will surely put you at ease as well – there’s nothing like taking in all of Malden while surrounded by trees!

Pine Banks Park Malden, Massachusetts is a picturesque park with a long history. Originally created as a private estate in 1805, the land was eventually donated to Malden and became one of its most desired parks. The rolling hills are perfect for family outings and there’s even an ice skating rink during the winter months!

Pine Banks Park Malden, Massachusetts is a beautiful park with a lot of history. In its early days, Pine Banks was home to Malden’s first zoo. The zoo unfortunately closed down in the 1930s and now only lives on as memories of an era gone by.

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